Keto Tortillas

Keto Tortillas

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These were very good. They are a lot like corn tortillas. I wasn’t able to use my food processor so I mixed them by hand and they turned out fine. Make sure that you don’t cook them very long or they won’t be flexible. I wrapped mine in a towel when they finished cooking so that they could steam in the towel and soften a little bit.

Hi Fioa! This is my recipe copied to the ingredient (gnom-gnom!). It would be nice if you would give credit were its due 😉 xo! Paola

Just made a batch from this recipe and they came out great! I didn’t use a food processor to mix the ingredients. Instead, I used a whisk to mix up the dry items and a spatula to mix in the wet items until the dough was firm. Once I rolled each ball with a rolling pin, I used a 5″ plastic lid to make the disk. I cooked them for 1 min on each side at a lower temperature since I used coconut oil on the skillet . Too high of a temperature will cause the coconut oil to smoke, which is not good.

Great starter recipe. I have been playing around with it a little. One batch I reduce coconut flour to 2 tablespoons and added 1/2 cup of shredded cheese. It cut the carb count even lower and gave great flavor.

i made these and they were delicious. I think there is too much water so I will add less next time. Way different then traditional flour tortillas sweeter. Very filling!

Love this recipe! Tastes very similar to a flour tortilla. The dough tends to stick to parchment paper if you roll it too thin. I wonder if shilling it in the fridge for a short time prior to rolling would make it easier to work with? Or a dusting of almond or coconut flour on parchment paper? Just a thought. Thanks for the recipe!

This is actually the best one so far , no eggy taste at all but I did change one ingredient, I used tapioca flour instead of the coconut flour. And I used it also to very lightly sprinkle to roll the tortilla. It feels like silk. Sorry it will not let me put pic but does look like the one made up top

The tortillas turned out great. Thanks.

These were amazing. I’d definitely make them agan

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